Project Management Services

Project Management involves planning, organizing, and managing project activities required to complete an individual project with predetermined parameters. Evergreen applies the necessary skills, tools, and proven best practice strategies to help ensure your organization’s projects are completed on time and within budget.

Oil and gas projects have special characteristics that need a different technique in project management. The development of any country depends on the development of the energy reserve through investing in oil and gas projects through onshore and offshore exploration, drilling, and increasing facility capacities. Therefore, these projects need a sort of management match with their characteristics, and project management is the main tool to achieving a successful project.

At Evergreen Oil and Gas company we offer an extensive project management service that cuts across the upstream and downstream oil and gas business segment sectors. Our team of experienced and competent personnel ensures that your project is delivered and commissioned as when due

Based on industry best practices and our own experience in the field, Evergreen’s Project Management services ensure that projects are completed efficiently to meet customer expectations. We do this not only by monitoring project milestones as they happen but also by supporting staff members as they complete project tasks.